For the safety at Seasons, all owners, tenants and guests shall drive slowly when turning onto Sandpoint Avenue, entering and exiting the garages and when driving through the parking areas.

All owners shall park in their designated assigned parking spaces.  If an owner leases his/her residence, the tenant may only utilize the owner’s assigned parking spaces, and may not use the visitor parking spaces, nor any other owner’s assigned parking space.

Guests shall only utilize designated guest parking spaces and owners and tenants should advise their guests of the visitor parking locations. Owners are prohibited from using the exterior guest parking spaces.

Two motorcycles per residence are permitted.  Motorcycles will be allowed to start and idle in the garage but for exiting or entering only.  Motorcycles will not constitute a vehicle and can be stored in the parking space along with a vehicle as long as the vehicle in the parking space does not exceed the space and protrude into the drive area.

Management strictly enforces all Parking Rules and Regulations; any violations will result in a violation penalty.  Additional vehicle and parking information is outlined in the Rules and Regulations.  A copy of the Rules and Regulations can be found within the Association Information section of the website.