Access (Openers & Fobs)


It is recommended that you make a copy of your residence key and keep it in a secure location near your residence. Should a key be misplaced or lost after hours, Property Watch will not be able to open any residence. Property Watch does not have master key access to residences after hours.  Owner Services can assist in lock-outs during Retreat hours of operation.

Garage Door Opener

Owners have been provided a garage door opener for convenience and safety.  For Buildings 2 and 3, the opener is not needed inside the garage to exit.  Simply drive the vehicle up to the garage door.  A sensor pad, located in front of the door, will automatically open it.  For Building 7, owners will need to use the opener to open the garage door to enter and exit.


To access Building 2, 3, & 7, the Retreat, Pool, Fitness Room, and Marina, all owners will require a FOB.

To gain access, simply hold the FOB over the reader panel located near each door that offers entry.  A short electronic beep will sound which releases the door locks and allows a 10 second delay to open and access.

To ensure the privacy and exclusivity of Seasons at Sandpoint, we ask that you notify Owner Services or Property Watch if you are expecting any guests or visitors.  We realize that not all guests are expected, and we will make every effort to notify you regarding anyone wishing to visit in order to gain authorization for entry.  However, we will not permit any unauthorized party to enter the property or your residence without permission.

If you need a FOB replaced, FOBs can be purchased from Owner Services.