Marina Reserves

A Reserve Study assists the management and the Board of Directors to plan for future expenditures. A Reserve Study is an in-depth analysis and on-site inspection of the Marina’s assets and projects a financial road map for the Marina going into the future.

The Reserve Study consists of two parts:

  • Physical Analysis: This portion of the Reserve Study assesses the physical condition of the Marina that the Association is responsible for maintaining and repairing. It also includes an analysis of the useful life and the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Financial Analysis: This portion of the study assesses the Marina‚Äôs financial health, such as its revenues, expenses and reserve fund balance.

Below are two Reserve Reports for the current calendar year. Annually, the Reserve Study is updated and reviewed with the Board of Directors to determine funding percentages, contributions and expenditures.

The Association Reserve can be found in the Association Information section of the website. If you should have any questions, please contact the General Manager.