Contractors and Decorators Guidelines

Contractors and Decorators 

The owner must provide advance notice and pre‐register with the General Manager,  the address and phone number of the owner’s representative responsible for overseeing and supervising the work to be performed in the residence. 

  1. Copies of all required building permits must be submitted to the General Manager prior to commencing work. 
  2. Prior to commencing work, the owner must complete and submit to the General Manager a Decorators, Contractors and Sub Contractors Request Form for approval. The Form will require owner’s representative and trade Information, listing names, addresses and telephone numbers of all parties who will be performing work within the residence, together with a schedule for their work (schedule to include dates, start time and end time). The Contractor and Decorator Approval Form can be accessed in Association Forms within the Association Information of the website.
  3. The Trades must be licensed. Proof of license must be submitted to the General Manager. 
  4. Trades must submit to the General Manager a Certificate of Insurance of general liability of no less than $250,000 per occurrence and no less than $500,000 aggregate and provide proof of Worker’s Compensation coverage. 
  5. The General Manager will coordinate access with the owner’s representative.  
  6. Work can be performed during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Any exceptions must be approved by the General Manager.  
  7. All Trades and their employees will enter the building through entrances indicated by the General Manager. 
  8. Parking arrangements will be made in advance. 
  9. Owners who elect to install flooring material (i.e. tile, marble, wood, carpet) in any portion of the residence, in second floor residences or higher, shall first be required to install an approved sound underlayment material equivalent to 5/16” Acoustik, manufactured by Acoustical Surfaces. Owner is required to submit to the Board of Directors for approval the proposed floor underlayment material.  Written approval must be provided to the General Manager for the proposed materials prior to the installation of the flooring, and then the installed soundproofing must be inspected and approved by General Manager or his/her designee prior to flooring installation.
  10. Elevator pads must be installed by Seasons staff prior to the loading of any materials or equipment. 
  11. Trades will be allowed to unload their materials and equipment close to the elevator. The elevator cab is approximately 6’9” W x 5’1” D x ceiling height 8’ and the opening of the elevator cab is 3’ 51/2” W x 7’0” H. 
  12. After unloading, Trades must immediately park their vehicles in the designated area specified by General Manager. 
  13. Work preparations will be allowed in the owner’s designated parking space provided the area is maintained in a neat and orderly fashion and walls of plastic sheeting are erected, if needed, to contain dust. Work preparations cannot be performed on exterior balconies, in hallways or in other Common Areas, i.e. mixing of paints, mud, grout, etc. 
  14. Debris is to be disposed of by Trades off the Condominium Property daily. Debris cannot be placed in hallways, in trash rooms or any other Common Areas.  
  15. Grout, paint, wall mud or any other material may not be disposed of in the building drains, residence’s sinks, toilets or bathtubs. 
  16. Trades cannot tamper with or hang extension cords from any of the fire sprinkler heads. When spray painting, fire sprinkler heads must be protected. 
  17. Residence smoke alarms are to remain installed and active. They must be properly protected during any interior finish work which generates heavy airborne particulates, i.e. sanding and painting. If Trades are found responsible for activating a smoke alarm, the Trades may be charged back for any resulting fees and/or the owner may be subject to a fine. 
  18. Should a Trade discover a defect in a residence, they must notify the General Manager immediately so the defect may be verified and corrected prior to performing any work which may be impacted by the defect. 
  19. Trades’ breaks and lunches, if taken on Condominium Property, must be confined to the owner’s residence.  
  20. Trades are not to wander around Common Areas other than the specific area or residence in which they are performing work. 
  21. Radios will not be allowed in the building unless used with headphones. 
  22. Smoking will only be allowed in the owner’s residence (if allowed by the owner) or on the West side of Sandpoint Avenue (bike lane).
  23. No smoking is allowed on the balconies or in the garage, stairwells and Common Areas.
  24. Owner is responsible for Trades’ actions while on the premises. Trades are on the premises at their own risk and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Seasons at Sandpoint Association Inc. and Elite Alliance Hospitality LLC for any liability or damages which might arise in connection with their activities on the premises. 
  25. Any damage to the Common Areas incurred while Trades are on the Condominium Property will be at the expense of the owner. 

  Non‐compliance with any of the above guidelines and rules may result in the “Trade” being barred from the Condominium Property.