Community Guest Fees

The Season at Sandpoint Association Inc. will charge a Community Guest Service Fee to all rental guests residing within the Community. An orientation process will be administered to guests and the additional employee expense associated with fulfilling this responsibility will be offset by such fee.

The fee will be charged to all short-term rental guests residing thirty days or less, and is not optional. Owners who allow friends and family members to reside in their residences without paying rental or use fees, will be exempt from the fee. The fee will help offset: Owner Services orientation, distribution and printing expense for copies of the Association’s Rules and Regulations, wristbands, parking passes, and expenses related to repairs and maintenance.

The fee, established by the Board of Directors, is intended to be reasonable and consistent with other comparable communities. Its primary intent is that it be utilized as an offset to the costs associated with rentals and is not to be interpreted as incremental revenue to the Association.