Packages & Deliveries

The United States Postal Service (USPS) will deliver all packages and mail to the owner’s assigned mail box.

UPS, FedEx, and Amazon Prime have access to the buildings, and will place packages in residence’s alcove. If an owner is going to be away from Seasons at Sandpoint for an extended period of time, and a package may be delivered, please notify Owner Services and direct your delivery to The Retreat. With your permission, Owner Services will receive the package and place it in your residence, or in the office in The Retreat.

When placing an order online, please use your street address and your residence number.  The street addresses are as follows:

  • Building 2 – 402 Sandpoint Avenue
  • Building 3 – 412 Sandpoint Avenue
  • Building 7 – 702 Sandpoint Avenue
  • Townhomes are numbered by the residence number followed by “Sandpoint Avenue” e.g. 502 Sandpoint Avenue.