Recreational Equipment (Kayaks and Bicycles)

Recreational Equipment such as kayaks and bicycles need to be registered with owner services. The registration will allow us to identify the owner of this equipment or remove any kayaks or bicycles that cannot be identified belonging to an owner.


Each bicycle that is stored anywhere in the garage areas, is required to have a numbered sticker. This includes children’s bicycles and recliner bicycles. The stickers can be obtained from Owner Services, using a brief description of the bicycle. Please place the sticker on the seat tube just under the saddle post for easy identification.

Kayaks, Paddleboards, and any other Non-motorized Watercrafts

Each kayak, paddleboard, or any other non-motorized watercraft stored on the beach or in a parking space is required to have a numbered sticker.  The stickers can be obtained from Owner Services with a description of the item including the brand and color of the equipment. Please place the sticker on top of the equipment in a visible location.

Ownership registered information will be retained on file with Owner Services.  If you acquire a new item, please notify Owner Services, provide the information for the new item, and a new numbered sticker will be issued. If an item is no longer being kept on property, please notify the Owner Services, so the list remains up to date.