Marina Guidelines

The Board of Directors have established a Marina Usage Agreement which outlines specific guidelines; these guidelines can be accessed in Association Forms within the Association Information of the website.

In addition to the Marina Use Agreement, other Guidelines apply to the Marina as follows:

  • The Board of Directors may establish reasonable criteria governing the opening and closing of the Marina operating season in order to ensure safety and to mitigate possible damage to the Dock Facilities. A copy of the criteria can be reviewed in the Marina Use Agreement. Winter access to the Marina is prohibited.
  • Each Boat Slip is subject to the exclusive use of the owner holding a sublease for the particular Boat Slip.
  • A Boat Slip may not be leased or rented except to a lessee of the residence to which the Boat Slip has been assigned as a Limited Common Area.
  • Owner is solely responsible for the proper mooring of his/her Vessel and is required to maintain mooring lines in good condition and sufficiently strong to secure the Vessel at all times. All mooring whips must be of a type approved by the Association. Any special mooring rules or procedures issued by the Association shall be complied with at all times. Vessels moored in a Boat Slip shall not be permitted to extend over the boundary of the Boat Slip. The Vessel (including all bowsprits, booms, pulpits, and other projections and overhangs) must be moored as close as possible to the dock, consistent with good boating practice.
  • Mooring lines, hoses and electrical cords should be stored in a neat and orderly fashion off of the Common Area walkways.
  • Jet skis, wave runners and other personal watercraft may be allowed at the Dock Facilities in an assigned Boat Slip. All owners, owning a Boat Slip, must provide a signed Marina Use Agreement.
  • Boat Slip usage, by large hulled boats, is recommended once their gunwale is eighteen (18) inches above the dock surface at Full Pool. Boat Slip usage at water levels below two thousand sixty one decimal five (2,061.5), by smaller hulled boats, are required to use mooring whips. Smaller boats are defined as boats with gunwales that are less than eighteen (18) inches above the dock at Full Pool.
  • Below two thousand sixty decimal five (2060.5) feet, Boat Slip usage is prohibited due to managing the overall risk and safety issues in a prudent manner.
  • Below two thousand sixty one decimal five (2061.5) feet, mooring whips are required for smaller hulled boats
  • All owners, with a signed Marina Use Agreement, are permitted slip usage at two thousand sixty one decimal five (2,061.5) feet and above.
  • A Full Pool for Lake Pend Oreille is two thousand sixty two decimal five (2062.5) feet.  Owners may install one dock box per Boat Slip, at the owner’s expense. The location, size and appearance of the dock box must be approved by the Association prior to the installation or replacement. Owners are prohibited from discharging sewage, oil, gasoline, trash or any other substance (other than bilge water) into the waters.
  • No pets or other animals shall be permitted in or about the Dock Facilities except for the purpose of embarking or disembarking from Vessels. All pets brought into the Marina shall be leashed (when not on a vessel) and attended at all times.
  • No portion of the Marina, and no Vessel, shall be used for the displaying or hanging of laundry.
  • Fishing will not be permitted from the seawall and riprap at the entrance to the Marina, the dock, or off any Vessel while moored at the Marina.
  • Recreational swimming is prohibited within the waters of the Submerged Property (Marina). Diving shall be permitted for the purpose of maintenance and repair of Vessels or of the Dock Facilities.
  • Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades and skate boards are prohibited on the Dock Facilities at any time.
  • No running or horse playing is allowed on the Dock Facilities at any time.
  • No person shall be permitted to live on any Vessel moored at the Dock Facilities or remain overnight on any Vessel for any purpose except in special circumstances approved in advance by the Board of Directors.
  • Owners may perform routine washing, waxing and detailing of their Vessels while docked at the Dock Facilities.  Owners may also perform minor repairs as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time. No bottom cleaning will be permitted while a Vessel is moored at the Dock Facilities. Maintenance and repair of Vessels other than routine cleaning and minor repairs approved by the Board of Directors is not allowed at the Marina, or in a Boat Slip.
  • High Winds – Given the nature of wind advisories and conditions on Lake Pend Oreille there may be situations requiring attention to all vessels moored at the Marina. This will include but is not limited to:
    • Removing and tying lines in a position suited to the wind conditions and directions.
    • Cross tying boats when applicable for additional protection.
    • Securing whips for proper tension for direction of wind.
    • Securing dock boxes and contents within.
    • Boarding vessels to secure covers and remove any items that may cause or receive further damage. (ie: floatation devices, tubes, fenders etc.)