The Seasons Rental Program

A beautiful lake, amazing amenities, and… consistent monthly cash flow while you’re unable to use your condo? This formula of home ownership sounds quite attractive.

But, are luxury condos a smart investment as a rental property? The short answer is that it depends on your needs, first and foremost. If you plan on using your new condo as a vacation home for only a small percentage of the year, a rental opportunity is an interesting one that should be examined. The Seasons Rental Program for condo owners makes renting out your unit a systematic and organized process.

Our on-site management company, Elite Alliance Hospitality, offers a smart booking system that is able to raise and lower prices based on demand. That type of pricing sophistication is an excellent resource and will generally allow you to make the most money per night on rentals as opposed to trying to rent the unit out yourself on a nightly basis, which generally isn’t too feasible.

This rental program calculates the ADR (or average daily rate) and average occupancy, which are prime factors in determining what your monthly bottom-line will yield for your investment.

We take reservations, handle questions, billing, and cleaning. Because of this ease and simplicity, most of our owners use this rental booking service, eliminating the hassle of constant guest bookings and turn-over.

If you have an interest in renting your condo, you value this convenient approach, and you enjoy the comfort that the Seasons professional marketing brings, then our rental booking service is for you.

Contact Elite Alliance Hospitality – 1-800-594-3550